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She Will Rise Podcast

Aug 2, 2017

Natalie is a Mental Health advocate, she is challenged with chronic pain and cares for a mother with Huntington's Disease.

She has chosen to not only face her fears and challenges but to step into them in work as a leader.  As a yoga therapist, she open's up a dialogue or space to talk about what ever challenges you are facing and provide tools and techniques that will help your body, mind, heart and soul heal.

Her story is full of personal challenges that she approaches with humor, authenticity, vulnerability, and beauty.

As we talk we unfold the way we similarly work with our own mental health and chronic pain challenges.  It is also the same approach we have with our clients.

Here is where to find more from Natalie:




Natalie gifted our listeners a Rest and Renew breathing and meditation practice. Visit this link to receive it

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