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She Will Rise Podcast

Aug 9, 2017

Sophia Treyger invites us women to go from a pleaser to pleasure. She has dedicated her life to helping women go from being a pleaser and giving your power away to experiencing pleasure in life.

This is such a big topic I hear women talk about, how we take care and give to everyone else before ourselves. 

We talk about how we start to honor ourselves first, create powerful boundaries to take care of our body, heart, mind and soul and find pleasure by feeling our bodies, emotions and desires.

We touched on so many hard to talk about places that women face day to day around our sexuality, our emotions and how to move through the world feeling a deep sense of pleasure.

Sophia has lovingly gifted us a few things to support our movement into more of a pleasure orientated life.

How to Play with Sexual Energy: Use it to your benefit! (a visualization):

A Free Sexual Empowerment Session to listeners (only 10 spots available): to join the Facebook Group

Sophia invites us to ask ourselves "What is it I truly desire?" every day in every decision we make.


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