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She Will Rise Podcast

Aug 16, 2017

The lovely Melody talks with us about her journey with anxiety and depression and how Yoga Therapy helped her to feel safe in her body.

Melody is a Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, massage practitioner, foodie, nature enthusiast, wild dancer, wave rider, integrative medicine student, vocal explorer, Ariel silk acrobat, and bold lover of life. 

Melody and I met in Tofino, BC playing in the water on our surfboards. We shared common interests and soon realized we were healing similar challenges.  We have watched each other grow from our first yoga classes and trainings.

Now Melody is in school to become a TCM and she is also a Yoga Therapist and Massage Practitioner.  She infuses everything that she learns into her self-practice and the way she walks through life.  Her classes and workshops are full of wisdom and playfulness.

Here is where you can find her:




Live Interview

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