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She Will Rise Podcast

Nov 15, 2017

Dr. Kendall Hassemer, ND is a Nutrition + Wellbeing Expert, Lover of the Outdoors, Craniosacral Therapist, Earth Advocate and Yoga Instructor.

Her struggle with stress in her life from a young child turned into chronic debilitating asthma.  She thought she would never be able to do all the things she now enjoys in her life.  Her own life story is her inspiration for how she helps and supports others.

We met 7 years ago in a yoga class and have become great friends and colleagues. 

Dr. Kendall helps individuals connect to their wild (feminine) selves through Rewild Health Maps, Nutrition Consultations and Naturopathic Lab Reviews - regain your energy, boundaries and strength through foundational health.

You can find her here:

Up coming retreat Rewild in Mexico
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