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She Will Rise Podcast

Sep 13, 2017

Anastasia shares her story in healing through horses.  

She has worked with horses in a therapeutic way for years and is now traveling the world creating a documentary about the power of healing through horses.

This conversation was so inspiring for me as I am diving into the world of equine assisted therapy and have been experiencing great healing over the last in relationship with these powerful beings

Her documentary, Equus: Healing Through Horses,  is all about enlightening the world how horses can facilitate a level of healing that we as humans don't easily have access to because they communicate in a whole different way.  

There are so many great programs out there that involve equines and I wholeheartedly encourage any woman who has experienced trauma check out how horses could support your healing.

Her documentary is already creating great waves of awareness in this area of healing.  If you love horses or have experienced healing with your own horse you know what we are talking about.  If you are curious about how other people work with the horses in a healing capacity please check out her documentary.  There are many ways you can support this project and I invite you too.

Here is where you can follow this project and get involved!

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