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She Will Rise Podcast

Jul 5, 2017

Nutrition is a foundational part of the recovery process, especially with addiction.

Hollis shares her own story of how it took her starting to lose her vision after her struggle with addiction, to really dig into her own path of healing.

We talk about addiction and how we can be set up for addictive tendencies from when we are a baby, even if addiction does not run in your family, based on the health of your gut.

Nutrition was her first access point to living a healthy life that supports healing.   Her work is geared towards recovery around addiction, auto-immune disease and gut healing.

She is not only a joy to work with but she lives what she teaches. She is a constant inspiration to me with her recipes, our vulnerable talks about our addictions we have worked through, and the giggles we have as we play in the surf.  She treats her clients as her friends and her programs are always packed full of great information.

Hollis also uses the wisdom of the body, with her muscle testing, to help guide her clients to find what will be best for their own unique physical makeup.  Along with other protocols that address your whole life as an opportunity to nourish and love yourself, she makes healing fun.

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