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She Will Rise Podcast

Apr 18, 2017

This conversation was so empowering.  Natalie shares about the hard decisions she had to make as a young mother so she could do the work she needed to do to be the amazing mother she knew she wanted to be.  Her own path of recovery was filled with the wisdom of listening to the earth and her cycles.  She now is a huge advocate of living a creative life with a daily practice that supports your own unique body, mind, heart and soul.  Natalie has been a teacher, mentor and dear friend for many years and I love learning from her.  She shares her tools and tips that she used to help her over the years which she still uses today.

You can follow Natalie and find here at these locations.  I highly recommend signing up for her Newsletter as it is always full of good information around personal practice and magic. 





Watch the live interview here.

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