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She Will Rise Podcast

May 29, 2017

Christy and I danced through our conversation about consent in the context of dance, life and with yourself. We talk about the inner critic and how that can affect the boundaries you create with yourself and others.

She speaks about how being a mother was her greatest challenge and how dance supported her to have time to come back to herself and give herself the support she needed.

We talk openly about how through dance we have had some of our biggest truths come in and how beautiful it can be to be witnessed as we feel that pain that can come with realizing those profound truths.

We are both huge advocates of dance and we have both practiced supporting our path as we continue to grow and heal.

Christy is one of my best friends and she has been a guide, ally, healer, teacher and space holder.  We have had the privilege to witness each other over the years grow and heal.  I love dancing with her and the tribe of women we gather with annually in Canada to dance into our sacred feminine.

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River Owl Retreat:

Watch the live interview here.

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