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She Will Rise Podcast

Jul 19, 2017

Alice Bracegirdle shares so much more than just about body image in the fitness industry.  Becoming a single mother after leaving a violent relationship, showed her just how hard life can get.  From there BellyFit was born and she has been on a path of helping women heal their idea of what their body should or should not look like.

She is an advocate for positive body image in honoring the female body.  Alice was able, through her advocacy, get an advertisement changed on the back of a bus in Victoria BC, that was body shaming.

Alice is not afraid to shine and be the brightest light she can be. Her intuition was a guide in creating BellyFit and we talk about just how important intuition is for a woman.

Alice would like to offer a free episode of BellyfitTV™ to all listeners. 
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